The Valley of the Painters in Carolles

Things to visit in La Manche: an open-air painting museum

About 15 minutes from our Villa les Dunes in Saint Jean le Thomas, we invite you to discover the Valley of the Painters in Carolles.


A walk both bucolic and artistic

This wooded valley where the small Crapeux stream flows is a pleasant place for a walk. Crossed by the Valley of the Painters bridge, at the beginning of the century it was crossed by the Granville-Sourdeval railway line via Avranches.


The impressionist movement in the world of painting

This valley was named the Valley of the Painters because around the 1900s it inspired many artists and sculptors such as Étienne Leroux and Jules Blachard, as well as painters such as Émile Dasdoize and Edmond De Bon.

These artists were simply in search of landscapes to which the light of the Bay of Mont Saint Michel gives all its intensity.


Your next escapade in the Channel

Book your next stay in La Manche at Villa les Dunes and discover Carolles, this charming, multi-faceted town situated between the countryside and the coast.
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