The treasures of Avranches

Your stay in Saint-Jean-le-Thomas in the English Channel will give you the opportunity to discover Avranches, just 20 minutes drive from Villa des Dunes.

The panorama from the garden of plants on the Mont-Saint-Michel is just a delight for the eyes. Nature offers a splendid view.

In the picturesque little streets of the city, they are the wooded alleys, gardens nestled in the ramparts and houses with old character that are all the charm of the ride. Paved stone, half-timbered house, corbelling and gargoyles are testimonies of the mediavel pastr of Avranches.

The Saint Gervais Basilica and the reliquaries of the parish museum, as well as the Saint-Saturnin church and the Manuscripts of the Mont-Saint-Michel abbey are among the treasures of the city.

Good walks!
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Villa les Dunes

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