Wellness activities to do at Mont-Saint-Michel

Take advantage of a stay at Mont-Saint-Michel to take care of yourself with wellness activities!

Our team invites you today to discover some ideas of activities to do in the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel for a rejuvenating stay!

Breathe, meditate and do mindful walking

With the new activity Visit, Walk & Meditate at Mont Saint-Michel, leave for an unforgettable day of well-being in Normandy!

Discover various practices dedicated to healing, through several meditation themes.

Dynamic relaxation & anchoring in the present moment

Facing the sublime Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, end your day in beauty by discovering the benefits of a moment of meditation in the middle of nature...

The most of this activity: Take advantage of this sublime activity offered by the Federation of Guides of Normandy supported by the Normandy Region and Normandy Tourism.

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Discover the Afghani walk

Initiate yourself to the Afghani walk: The walk of the nomads which combines several practices, such as dynamic relaxation, silent walk or meditation which allows you to :

Develop your respiratory endurance, reoxygenate your cells and bring calm to your mind

Several activities will be proposed to you, such as

Afghani Walking & Relaxation on the beach of Dragey Ronthon, which will make you enjoy an exceptional setting, directly from the dunes of the beach of Dragey.

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Sophrology and botany excursion in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, which even combines sophrology, botany and even gourmet breaks.

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Would you like to discover all the other Afghan walking activities available? In the forest, on trails, near a pond... There is something for everyone!

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Book your hotel in Mont-Saint-Michel

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Our villa offers an exceptional view of the sea and the Bay of Mont Saint Michel.

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