The Pointe du Grouin du Sud

Go on an adventure in the incredible setting of the Mont-Saint-Michel bay

An exceptional geographical location

Nature lovers love to discover the most beautiful assets of Normandy. Every moment of the day is different thanks to the coming and going of the waves caused by the tides.

This little corner of paradise offers a play of natural lights that is reinvented every day. The lights play an important role.

They naturally illuminate the coastline of the Channel to make the territory a small corner of wild paradise.

A discovery not to be missed during your stay in Normandy

We invite you to discover the Pointe du Grouin du Sud, a magnificent landscape 12km from St Jean de Thomas.

The Pointe du Grouin du Sud allows you to see the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel from an original angle.

A 7 kilometer hike on marked trails grants walkers the privilege of beautiful surprises such as the sunset on the Norman rock.

Dunes, beaches and backshore marshes welcome you on this point. This panoramic point of view on the bay allows to discover a different view on the bay, the Mont Saint Michel and Tombelaine.

The opportunity of an unforgettable sunset on the Mont!

An open air observatory

During low tides

Beyond being a jewel of the French territory, the south-east Grouin point is very coveted by sea seals. As soon as the tide rises, they follow the current and the schools of fish.

The bottleneck of the point facilitates their fishing and allows them to follow the schools of fish.

The bay shelters one of the most important French colonies of this species, about 20 individuals.

It is therefore possible to observe them with binoculars in full action or resting between two hunts, on the sandbanks at low tide. An observatory which is thus privileged for the seals...

During the high tides 

Another phenomenon is to be noticed during your visit to the Pointe du Grouin du Sud: the tidal bore. This miracle of nature is very spectacular and occurs during the high tides (coefficient higher than 90),

It is likely to be seen on only about sixty sites in the world.

Our advice: Be careful, to have the chance to see it, you have to be on the spot 1 h 30 before the high tide. Both to be well placed, but also to allow you to take the magnitude and the speed of the phenomenon.

The Pointe du Grouin du Sud then becomes a great viewpoint to observe this large wave. A true natural phenomenon, the tidal bore breaks on the shores in a 20 to 70 cm high wave.

At each high tide, between the Grouin du Sud and the Roche Torin point, up to 200 million m² of sea water and sediment enter the estuary.

The sediment is deposited on the tangue which was once the object of intense exploitation to amend the fields of the region for the debris of limestone shells that they contain.

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