The Pointe du Grouin du Sud

We invit you to discover the Pointe du Grouin du Sud, beautiful landscape 12km of Saint-Jean-le-Thomas.

This little corner of paradise offers a game of natural lights that reinvent itself every day. Dunes, beaches and marshes back-littoral welcome you on this point. This panoramic view of the Bay allows to discover a different view of the Bay, Mont-Saint-Michel and Tombelaine. This occasion of an unforgettable sunset on the Mont!

On the occasion of high tides (coefficient higher than 90), you will be able to observe the tidal bore. The Pointe du Grouin du Sud becomes a formidable belvedere for observing this broad wave. True natural phenomenon, the tidal wave sweeps along the banks in a wave of 20 to 70 cm high. Plan to be present at least 1:30 before the open sea. Both to be well placed, but also to allow you to take the scale and speed of the phenomenon.

The Point du Grouin is also a privileged observatory for seals, which can be observed easily with binoculars resting on the sandbank at low tide. The bottleneck of tip facilitates fishing and allows them to follow the schools of fish. The Bay is home to one of the largest French colonies of this species, about twenty individuals.

At each high tide, between the southern Grouin and the Pointe de Roche Torin, up to 200 millions m2 of seawater and sediments enter the estuary. The sediment is deposited on the pitch that was once the subject of intense exploitation to amend the fields of the region for the debris of limestone shells they contain.
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