The museums of Mont-Saint-Michel

Would you like to make some cultural visits during your visit to Mont-Saint-Michel?

The team at Villa Les Dunes would like to introduce you to the museums located there.

The maritime museum

Take a trip to the Mont-Saint-Michel maritime museum to learn about the world's largest tides. During your visit, you will learn about the importance of this natural phenomenon for the Mont, but also for the region.

More than 250 magnificent models are also on display to the public.

Did you know that?

Mont-Saint-Michel has become an island again thanks to a major project to re-establish the maritime character of the Normandy territory.

🗓 Open every day from May to December

⏰ From 10 am to 5 pm

The historical museum

Trace more than a century of Mont-Saint-Michel's history on this tour. As you go along, you will see a reconstruction of the dungeons of yesteryear as well as wax figures representing the monk builders.

Linger over the splendid collection of ancient objects, from torture instruments to the watches of the nobles.

The tour ends at the 19th century periscope with a panoramic view of the sea and the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel.

Did you know that?

For decades, the mount was nicknamed "The Wonder" to describe the technical and artistic prowess of its architecture.

🗓 Open all year round

⏰ From 9 am to 5 pm (and until 6 pm in high season)

💸 9 € per adult/Free up to 18 years old

The Archaeoscope

Take a seat in this interactive museum to find out all about the history of Mont-Saint-Michel since its creation. This show combines archive images and new technologies.

Discover how the island was transformed into an important religious site over the centuries.

From the cellars to the gardens, little by little, reveal the stages of construction by viewing the museum's projections.

Did you know that?

The construction of Mont-Saint-Michel is said to have begun in 708 in honour of the Archangel.

🗓 Open according to set periods

💸 9 € per adult/Free up to 18 years old

The Tiphaine House

Why not explore the historic home of the Chevalier du Guesclin? At Mont-Saint-Michel, it's possible! He shared this house with his wife, Tiphaine de Raguenel.

It was he himself who had it built to shelter his beloved during the Hundred Years' War. You can see the old furniture of the house, but also the knight's armour.

Did you know that?

Tiphaine de Raguenel was an astrologer. She read the future in the stars.

🗓 Open all year round

💸 Between 9 € and 18 € per adult/Free until 18 years old
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