The Museum of Modern Art of Richard Anacréon, in Granville

The Museum of Modern Art of Richard Anacréon


Notice to all art lovers!

You dreamed of a stay combining both comfort and culture ?
You have come to the right place !

By staying at the Villa les Dunes you are sure to have a pleasant and comfortable stay close to a cultural center such as the Museum of Modern Art of Richard Anacréon located less than 30 km away, in Granville.

What can you see at the Richard Anacréon Museum of Modern Art ?

Discover the hidden treasures of this museum known for its multiple paintings of the 20th century, among which you will have the opportunity to discover masterpieces such as :
  • « Portrait d’Hermine David » by Jules Pascin (1918),
  • « Nu assis » by Charles Dufresne (between 1923 and 1925),
  • « La coupe bleue » by Charles Camoin (1930's),
  • « Le vagabond » by Marcel Gromaire (1939),
  • « Femme à sa toilette » by André Lhote (1942),
This selection is only a small part of the museum's collection, which is full of equally fascinating works.

Who is behind this museum ?

The answer is simple and can be found in the name of the museum : Richard Anacréon.

This colorful character was born in Granville in 1907 and became one of the emblematic figures of this city.

A passionate bookseller, he opened in the 1940's his bookstore, which he named l'Originale, in Paris in the Latin district.

Specializing in the sale of books in original edition, he particularly liked to collect the great painters of his time such as Signac, Von Dongen, Derain, Picabia and many others.

His pleasant character and his pronounced taste for art, allowed him to meet many artists and writers, among whom Valéry, Colette, Farrère, or Claudel, Carco and Reverdy were among them.

Richard Anacréon, who was attached to his native town, bequeathed his collection of paintings and books in first editions to Granville, which created a museum in his name.

Address :

Richard Anacréon Museum of Modern Art
Place de l'Isthme

Price list :

From €4,00 (adult rate)

Contact :

Phone : +33(0)2 33 51 02 94
E-mail :

For more information (website only in french) :
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