The farm of the Cara-Meuh !

Book quickly your accommodation in the Villa les Dunes and take the opportunity to discover the Cara-Meuh farm that will entertain young and old !

What does the Cara-Meuh farm offer ?  

  •  An educational trail for the whole family
By following the pedagogical trail, you will discover the history as well as the making of the Cara-Meuh !
A caramel tasting will also be proposed to the most greedy among you.

You will become an expert on the Cara-Meuh! farm thanks to the self-guided tour which is offered free of charge and without reservation. This course will take you to the heart of the farm and you will meet some of the residents such as hens, deer, calves and even pigs !
  • An art gallery within the farm

Take advantage of your visit to take a tour of the gallery and escape into the world of a local artist.
  • The factory of Cara-Meuh !

What a shame to visit Cara-Meuh's farm and not take the time to visit their factory !
The farm offers to show you the artisanal production of their famous caramels made with quality ingredients,
certified organic.

Here is a small appetizer of what you can discover there :
Caramel with fresh fruits, Guérande salt and calvados from the region.


  • A store in the heart of the farm

For your greatest pleasure the farm has a store where you will find their dairy products, the famous Cara-Meuh!, cheese, or fresh eggs, honey and even organic meat.  
  • A gourmet stopover to wake up your taste buds

So that you spend the best of the moments within their site, the farm of the Cara-Meuh ! has planned everything !
Indeed, you will be able to refresh yourself with local drinks.
If you have a small hollow, you will also be able to taste delicious home-made pancakes and farm ice creams among others.
  • A garden to enjoy a convivial moment with family or friends

A garden is laid out for you. Games are even available (mölkky and palets).


🏳  Address :


Ferme des Cara-Meuh !
11 Saint-Léonard,
50300 Vains

The farm is located less than 20 minutes by car from our establishment.

All practical information on (website in french).
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