The cliffs of Champeaux

The most beautiful lookout on the Bay

The top of the cliffs of Champeaux is called "the most beautiful kilometer of France" because of the panorama it offers on the Bay. From the Vauban hut, the panorama embraces the bay of Archangel Saint-Michel. Reaching an average of 60 to 80 meters, the cliffs of the Champeaux point are covered with heather heath, gorse, broom and sloe. Depending on the season, the vegetation offers a great palette of colors from lemon yellow to purple pink. They are now part of the intervention sites of the Conservatoire du Littoral in the Mont-Saint-Michel Bay because of their great ecological diversity.

Nautical walks and hikes

We recommend you the many kayak trips which are available from the beach of Saint-Jean-le-Thomas or the hold of Sol Roc. They will allow you to to approach the cliffs or to cross a seal in its natural element, while keeping a sight on the Mont-Saint-Michel.
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