Take to the sea in Saint-Malo!

Follow the Normandy and Brittany coasts, towards Saint-Malo!

This corsair city is a must in the Great West of France!

You can't stay at the Villa les Dunes and not make a trip to this city rich in history and heritage.

Follow the guide, for an iodized break!

So what to do and what to see in Saint-Malo?

Our team has organized just for you, an enchanting journey, for a great breath of fresh air.

We promise you :

  • To take a leap into the medieval era.
  • To discover breathtaking views of the sea and the city.
  • To meet architectural nuggets.

The tour we propose will take place at the level of the wall that surrounds the city of Saint-Malo, forming a loop of about 2 kilometers.
  1. We advise you to start this walk by passing by the Door Saint-Thomas, behind the Place Chateaubriand.

    What awaits you?
    A breathtaking view on the great beach of the Sillon, the National Fort and the islet of Grand Bé.

  2. Then, escape to the Fort à la Reine, known for the beaching of the "Machine Infernale", at the foot of its rocks. This English ship, loaded with gunpowder, was there to destroy Saint-Malo. Of course, its mission was an abject failure.

  3. Continue your walk by climbing to the top of the Bidouane Tower, offering you a 360° panorama on the whole bay of Saint-Malo.

  4. Going back to the ramparts, go to the Bastion of Holland, where you can observe the beach of Bon Secours, but especially: its famous diving board of the sea water pool.

  5. Extend your stroll and look up! You will be amazed by the houses of rich privateers, recognizable by their granite facades.

  6. As you continue your walk towards the Grand' Porte (the oldest medieval gate of Saint-Malo), you will see the most remarkable privateer's house: the Hôtel d'Asfeld.

  7. Finally, finish your walk in beauty, by the Door Saint-Vincent.
    This gate gives you access to the main street of Saint-Malo, but also to its majestic castle.

So are you ready to discover the many jewels that are hidden in the Great West?

If so, book your room at the Villa les Dunes, to live an unforgettable stay!
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