Hiking on GR223, from Granville to the Mont Saint Michel

The Villa des Dunes welcomes, every year, hikers seduced by the landscapes and panoramic views offered by the customs trail on the sea and the Bay of the Mont-Saint-Michel. This gonna leave you a unforgettable memory of your step in Normandie.

Hiking on the GR223

Walking lovers are numerous to take the path of the Douaniers GR223 which connects Carentan to the Mont-Saint-Michel, on a course of 446km. The hiking route crosses villages of Saint-Jean-le-Thomas, historically called Saint-Jean-au-bout-de-la-mer

Some nuggets will sprinkle your way

The Trail of 3 Cabins
You will walk by 3 cabins Vauban and that deserve a break! Time to admire their exceptional situation. They served as an observation post of the Bay and were occuped by soldiers looking for enemy ships in the seventeeth, and then by customs officer tracking smugglers. If they are all 3 built in dry stones, the hut of Saint Jean is distinguished by a rounded roof, against a roof with 2 slopes for the 2 others, Champeaux and Carolles.

Medieval fisheries, built of wood and stones, of a respectable age (700 years approximatively)

The sandy beaches of Carolles and Jullouville.

Little hiker's tour
10 guided tours (history, flora, fauna) will take you along the coast, in the marsh, the forest or on the hillside following sometimes steep paths. an old railway o small roads with little traffic.
Guide on sale at the Tourist Information Office.
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